Hello and welcome to Infinem!

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Hello and welcome to Infinem!
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My name is Nick and I'm the designer of Infinem. Infinem is a new IP being published and produced by Day Dreamer Interactive.  Infinem is a percentile rolling system that features Attributes, Skills, Resources and more! Infinem is more of a rules light system of my own design, the system is currently being play tested.

I've been gaming since around 1995 and have been exposed to many different systems. I wanted to design a system that was easy to learn and wasn't cumbersome to new players, yet still exciting for the most avid gamer.

Infinem is set in the not so distant future, where humans have dug too deeply into the Earth's crust and have unleashed an ancient evil imprisoned there thousands of years ago. With the release of these creatures came the end of human civilization as we know it, this is Infinem....where nightmares are real and the lucky ones are already dead.

"It’s another night in hell. It seems all I do is work for these slave driving ass holes. I should just join one of the Corps and get what’s mine. Yeah, I could join one of the Corporations and head out into the Wastes, pick up some tech and eventually start my own Corp. Maybe even get this crap hole to a place of respectability, like in the old days before those squid faced **** heads came out of the ground and punched Humanity right off this rock. Not many leave the Beacon and make it back, but I think I have the guts, and the know-how. I could be a Hero."

Our website is www.infinem-rpg.com

You can also find us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/Infinem
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