Magic in a post apocalypse game?

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Magic in a post apocalypse game?
« on: July 14, 2012, 10:54:50 AM »
You read that right.

"Magic is a type of biotechnology that humans have only tinkered with like using cells to process information in a computer or more closely like a type of science fiction that Humans couldn’t even fathom yet. The technology is a living biological system, much like the immune system of a Human. This technology is engineered to only work when a specific amount of Ancient One DNA is found in the user. This DNA can come from being a Recovered One, who was in the process of becoming an Ancient Ones, or by a Metis, who have pieces of Ancient Ones attached to them in some fashion. Without the DNA signature of the Ancient Ones, the technology simply will not work. With this in mind, that means not everyone can access the network that Magic is on. The exact science behind it is not known, but what people in Infinem do know they gathered from contact with the race that is fighting the Ancient Ones. This race knows an immensely more amount of information on this from dealing with the Ancient Ones for thousands of years."