For the last couple months work has been ongoing on a secret project, this is a game of post-apocalyptic survival and horror…this is Infinem designed and written by new Day Dreamer Interactive team member Nick Jones. We here at Day Dreamer Interactive are happy to welcome Nick to the team and with his help will push our business into other genres of roleplaying games.


Infinem is a game set in the not so distant future where humans have dug too deeply into the Earth’s crust and have unleashed an ancient evil imprisoned there thousands of years ago. With the release of these creatures came the end of human civilization as we know it, this is Infinem….where nightmares are real and the lucky ones are already dead.

This game is still pretty early in it’s design phase and we are expecting to have it out by November/early December of this year. Here is a little snippet from the book:


The Last Testament of Simmonds, of how the Beacons came

When the world went dark, it happened quickly. It was as if the Ancient Ones knew where to strike and what to destroy for maximum effect. It was a Blitzkrieg the world had never known. Many military forces attempted to stop the Ancient Ones, but were unsuccessful. They used tactics that were obsolete or ineffective. A few of the Super Powers managed to launch Nuclear Weapons thinking it was old rivals coming for them finally. The nukes took out quite a few of the Ancient Ones. Some countries that didn’t have access to nuclear devices used whatever they had, weapons such as Mustard Gas or Cyanide to fight against the masses of Ancient Ones. They killed whole towns and in some cases large provinces in hopes that it would save them, but it didn’t. It only quickened their ends. It also made the areas uninhabitable even to the Ancient Ones, killing those who went into the areas. Huge areas of the Earth uninhabitable and all the Angelic could do were watch.

Not all of the world’s governments fell. There are still some countries that still exist, even if they are ghosts of their former status. Most of these were in the far North, or islands. Some survived simply because of the sheer amount of castles. Countries without natural defenses, castles etc. didn’t fare so well.

In Europe the United Kingdom fared rather well due to having both castles and being mostly an island. The large amount of antique swords and armor helped as well, unlike in America where all the weapons and armor were replicas. The Scottish were said to have been the most vicious against the Ancient Ones, pipes blazing along the whole time in proper Scottish fashion. The Welsh were said to have been largely absent and those that did show up to the fights, couldn’t be understood. The English were the bulk of the resistance of course, his royal highness King William lead several attacks until he was fatally wounded attempting to save several of his soldiers stuck in a rampart. Long live the King.
The republic of Ireland, with its few people were unable to hold the Ancient Ones back for long, but it was widely rumored they took down nearly every single Ancient One that came at their walls. The Irish were finally free, but not a soul to rejoice was left.





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