The second Sourcebook for The Squared Circle Wrestling RPG visits Japan and details the wrestling style found there. This book also brings a more extreme and ultra-violent version of Hardcore wrestling, adding new weapons, rules and Deathmatches.

Introduces new classes and skills as well as new game mechanics. This mega-sourcebook also adds the biggest amount of moves to the game since the original Core Book. A must have for every fan of The Squared Circle whether you plan to run a game in the Japan setting or not.

– 6 New Classes;Puro, Martial Artist, MMA, Super-Heavy, Hardcore:Brawler, Hardcore:Aerial
– 11 New Skills
– New hardcore weapons and Deathmatches
– Combat Areas: Fight it out backstage or take it to the parking garage
– Targeted Submission and Damage system; now you can target a specific body part of your opponent
– Introducing Status Effect rules
– Expands Character Levels to 15
– Introducing Multi-Classing rules
– 161 pages



An updated character sheet can be downloaded here.



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