Day Dreamer Interactive was created in 2007 by the current president Eric Moreau to use as a launching platform for his various game ideas. At first it was to be simply a company devoted to developing PC Games, but when that proved to be too costly and time consuming to undertake this early in the history of the company. It was decided that the company would expand it’s mandate and create all forms of games, not just PC games. Thus Day Dreamer Interactive has now or plans to develop games for the Tabletop RPG market as well as Web-based games.

The goal of everyone the works for Day Dreamer Interactive is to create new and innovative games that will provide and in-depth and rich gaming experience the likes of which are rarely experienced. We hope to grow and provide hours upon hours of fun to all our customers. Here at Day Dreamer Interactive we are always thinking, always creating….a thousand worlds await to be unveiled and we hope we can develop these game ideas as quickly as possible.

At the moment we are a very small company based out of a small town in the Canadian province of Manitoba and consists of two staff members and a handful of freelancers based all over the world.

Thank you for visiting our home here on the internet and we sincerely hope that our current and future games will bring you hours of enjoyment.

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